Monday, 26 October 2015

Online Training

A while ago I found a great online learning tool called Futurelearn. Futurelearn offers a wide range of courses or MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) and I am currently taking part in one on Digital Marketing.

These courses offer courses that could be useful in the workplace, like the one I am taking at the moment, plus some that learners may take as a recreational course. They are run by various universities and looking a the learner map for my current course there are people from all over the world taking part.

I decided to take part in the Digital Marketing course as this is an area that I am particularly interested in and I run the social media accounts for my business Convallis Software and the local sports centre, Chulmleigh Sports Centre, where I am a trustee and volunteer.

I am currently part way through the first week and have already learnt about storytelling and how it can be used in your marketing plus the range of social media options that are available. You work your way through the course at your own pace offering comments on each module if you wish to. This course also has a Facebook group and a Google + group to enable me to link up with other members of the course if I wish to.

I really enjoy working at my own pace and increasing my knowledge and I've already discovered through the comments section that a friend of mine is doing the same course!

If you are looking at training that is free why not consider a MOOC, and some courses also offer the opportunity to purchase a statement of participation at the end.