Monday, 10 June 2013

Taking Cheques - do you?

Most of our invoices are now paid electronically via BACS, standing order or direct debit,  but having not had any for a while, in the last week we have received 2 cheques for payments.

Obviously I don't have a problem receiving cheques, the bill is still being paid after all, but it made me realise the extra effort that needs to be made to bank them.


Monday, 3 June 2013

ConvallisCMS and ASP.Net MVC 4

In previous posts I've talked about how we slowly evolve our software by taking advantage of advances in the platform that we write our code in (the .Net Framework). Last time I discussed the Entity Framework and why I decided to move us over to it's most recent release. This time I thought I'd write a little about ASP.Net MVC.

This is a technology that I doubt hardly anyone who isn't a software developer (and probably a web developer at that) will have heard of. I'm sure many of you will know that ASP.Net is the name Microsoft gave the web development platform which is part of the .Net Framework, and the MVC framework is a subset of that.

Author: Richard Isaac