Tuesday, 9 December 2014

UK Broadband still patchy - of course it is!

I've just been reading this article on the BBC news website outlining the gap between the fastest and slowest broadband speeds in the UK.

The results come as no surprise to me, as having a business based in rural North Devon our office is at the end of the line and doesn't have the best speed, but I do know that it is faster than some neighbouring villages/properties. As broadband speed is so bad here I know of many people that have gone down the satellite broadband route just to get any form of decent bandwidth.

I don't expect that if/when we get fibre broadband to our exchange that it will make much difference, we are probably still too far from the exchange to make any difference.

Here's a speed test that I have done this morning - 9th December 2014

As you can see from the results, the download speed is is certainly a lot less than the average reported of 23 Mbps (Mega bits per second), and even for a business it is less than an average typical household requirement of 10 Mbps. With more and more official documentation having to be logged online nowadays it is imperative that all should have access to a decent broadband service.

Even though things are supposed to be improving there will always be some of us that will not get as good as service as others, just because we choose to live and work in a rural location we should not have to miss out on better broadband speeds or have to pay an additional cost to a satellite provider if we don't want to.