Friday, 13 September 2013

Digital Marketing - The Way Forward

Yesterday evening I attended a seminar at Sandy Park, Exeter, hosted by e-strategy discussing Digital Marketing Trends and how things are changing in the world of marketing.

Our first speaker, Collette Easton of Linkdex discussed social bonds. This is creating new links between your brand, your customers and their social networks. She also discussed the relevance of your marketing - the content and are you using the right platforms to convey the right message to your customers?

The second speaker was Stuart Devlin of e-strategy who discussed how search is changing and how businesses can adapt to this change by the use of different ways of how customers can find you and how the search engines are always changing.

The world is changing and technology is evolving all the time and so are the social networks. Who would have thought 5 - 10 years ago that we would be moving away from so called "traditional" marketing to what is now termed "content" marketing. Rather than selling your product, provide your existing and potential customers with valuable content across different forms of media that will encourage them to contact you to find out more.

In my opinion, we certainly have to look to the new technologies for our marketing, but sometimes deciding which ones to use can be a difficult decision and has to be thought about carefully before going ahead with any form of plan to use them.

There certainly was a lot of food for thought and I look forward to seeing the presentation slides to remind myself of what we were told and to help me plan my future marketing.